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My son has cooked with Nicky twice now; once as part of a school holiday program, and more recently for his own birthday party. On both occasions, Hugh had a wonderful time. For his birthday party, Nicky was extremely accommodating and helpful during the planning of the party. And on the day, her enthusiasm and calm working with children was excellent. Allowing the children to cook interesting dishes with a splash of fun, they cooked Halloween themed food, kept the children genuinely engaged at all times. As children's cooking continues to grow in popularity through TV shows like Junior Master Chef, I think providing kids the opportunity to explore and expand their skills in the kitchen is fantastic. I know my son will be signing up again, as will the children that attended his party. Thanks so much Nicky for a great experience. The kids certainly felt like Junior Master Chef's for a day!

Having our daughter’s birthday with Nicky has been amazing.  Nicky made everything super simple for us and all we had to do was turned up with our little girl and a cake – everything else was organised beautifully by Nicky.  Our daughter had a fantastic time with her friends who told us it was the best party ever. They cooked, they ate, they played games and Nicky’s dog Poppy was a fantastic entertainer for the kids too!  We highly recommend Nicky for your child’s birthday party!

Hi Nicky, I just wanted to let you know that Flynn loved your cooking class so much that your recipes have gone international! We’ve just returned to the Solomon Islands and Flynn is cooking up a storm. Thanks so much for giving him a great new skill set (that we all benefit from!) and lots of confidence. Next time we’re back in Australia we will definitely book in for another session or two.