The Origins of Kids Kitchen

Kids Kitchen has been created by Nicky Simons, a mum of two young energetic boys, with a passion for cooking and healthy eating. 

Nicky believes that cooking from scratch is a vital life skill that every child should have the opportunity to experience. By introducing children to the joy of cooking from a young age, they develop the confidence and skills to eat healthily for life, eradicating any mystery or fear of 'how to cook'. 

Sadly, overloaded school curriculums and fast-paced 21st century lifestyles are not allowing for these basic life skills to be taught and passed down to our children. Our children face a lifetime of convenience ready-meals and takeaway packed full of salt and additives which sadly lead on to health issues such as obesity and diabetes. 

Nicky would like to pass on her skills to the children and show them just how quickly and easily they can learn to cook and create delicious tasting food. In addition to learning how to cook, the children will also be encouraged to use their planning, numeracy and presentation skills as well as learning about the importance of safety in the kitchen. 

Kids Kitchen started life at Indooroopilly State School in the School Tuckshop, but has recently shifted locations due to constraints at the school. Now, Kids Kitchen will operate from the Moore Park Baptist Church commercial kitchen, a 6 minute walk from the school. 

About Us

Kids Kitchen is all about your child learning to cook in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Let us unlock your child's imagination and creativity in the kitchen through our hands on practical cooking classes. Not only will your child learn to cook delicious food, they will also develop numeracy, planning and safety skills, all of which we believe are essential life skills.

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