Kids Kitchen

Ekka Holiday Cooking Classes

Beat the crowds this Ekka Holiday, and sign your kids up for a nurtitious, delicious and fun cooking class with us! 

Spots available here.


Kids Kitchen has been created by Nicky Simons. Nicky believes that cooking from scratch is a vital life skill that every child should have the opportunity to experience. By introducing children to the joy of cooking from a young age they develop the confidence and skills to eat healthily for life, eradicating the mystery and fear around 'how to cook'.

ABC Appearance

Nicky Simons, head of Kids Kitchen, recently appeared on ABC Radios' Mornings with Rebecca Levingston program, to talk about fussy eaters, and the ways in which Kids Kitchen can help children not only conquer their fears of certain foods, but also provide them with responsibility and pride in what they create. 

Listen to the segment below to find out more!

Kids Kitchen discussionABC Radio
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Shavida Homes

Nicky has been working recently with Shavida Homes in Ripley, running a number of classes for kids to help showcase the lifestyle available for this new development.

As part of this, she recently presented a video piece capturing her preparation of a family-friendly spinach and ricotta cannelloni recipe in one of their fabulous new kitchens. 

Watch the segment, and if you want the recipe it can be found here.